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Click to see the official results. We posted the new track record with a time of 1.49.925

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Photo by Chris Clark

Ave and Stretch fall short after incredible comebacks

Out of the 22 car field at Watkins Glen, Pete Halsmer and Jorge Diaz, Jr. made their way through the pack and onto the podium.  Besides winning their respective divisions, they both had to fight off furious rallies from defending TA and TA2 champions Tony Ave and Bob Stretch.

This was Jorge Diaz, Jr.’s first race back in Trans Am this year.   Diaz started in first position with his #8 Diaz Racing Jaguar XKR and never relinquished his position.  The feat was not a particularly easy one, as Tony Ave provided constant pressure on the eventual race winner.

The two-time defending champion started with a vengeance, passing five cars in the first lap.  Ave was forced to start last on the TA grid due to not practicing in his #4 Lamers/PME Engines Corvette.  Ave had planned on qualifying in the car; but due to storms on Saturday resulting in the session turning into an unofficial practice, he was unable to put in a time that would contribute to starting position.

Still, Ave was quick to catch up to the leaders and passed Amy Ruman for second place during a restart on the 14th lap.  He held the position, consistently challenging Diaz until loosing power steering midway through the 25th lap.  Ave related the race in a statement:

“We had the fastest car for sure, we got up to fourth in a lap, and then passed a couple more cars.  Then I was pretty set on just riding along and got by Amy on a restart, but we had a lot of time left in the car. Then I lost the power steering, so I ran with him for a while after that, but it was getting to the point that to keep up the pace I would be risking the car.  So since we’re so far behind in points I was going to just try and keep second—then the power steering line actually burst and covered the window with oil.  Then I had to come into the pits and get my windshield cleaned to be able to see anything.”

Unfortunately, due to that pit stop, Ave’s surge only resulted in a fourth place finish, but Diaz was well aware of Ave’s presence on the track:

“My crew kept telling me about the time difference, we kept pace with him, and every time he got close I just pushed a little harder and we were able to hold the lead.”

The #8 car led all 29 laps, and Diaz credited the work that his crew put in to tune it specifically for Watkins Glen.

“Watkins Glen is a very technical track, and we had to do a lot of work preparing the car.  We worked very hard last night to get the suspension just right and it worked perfectly.  The car was just hooked; we just knew we had it.”

Last weekend’s winner at New Jersey Motorsports Park, Amy Ruman, came in second, marking her fourth consecutive podium placement.  She and the #23 McNichols Chevrolet Corvette are currently second in the points standing with 131 points, surpassing Doug Peterson, who was unable to attend.  Ruman insists that she is in for the long haul and has her sights firmly set on the championship:

“We had a really tough weekend, my crew has worked day in and day out on this car, I couldn’t be happier with their work.  The McNichols Corvette was fast today, but Jorge had a real strong showing.  But we’re happy, we’ve been consistent and we’re going for the championship.  That’s what it’s going to take, consistency.”

TA points leader, with 140 points, Simon Gregg came in third after a hard fought race with John Baucom, driver of the #86 Ford Mustang.  However, the eventual victor was Gregg in the #59 Gregg Motorsports Chevrolet Corvette.

“I just had a consistent race.  My lap times weren’t what I wanted them to be, I got a little distracted by traffic and I ended up where I ended up.  If I can improve a bit at Road America and take that momentum into the end of the year, I should have a good chance at taking home a championship.”

Gregg is still riding an incredible streak of reliability; this marked the 68th race that the car has finished without a mechanical failure, a streak he doesn’t expect to end soon:

“It’s a great job the crew has been doing, I’m so proud of the team and the work they do.  They keep me in race, day in and day out.  We’ll keep the streak going.”….

The Trans Am series now travels to Road America on August 19th for the sixth race of the season.

For more details on the race and upcoming events follow @gotransam on twitter, check in at, and keep up on Facebook at

MAVTV will also air the half-hour Trans Am Series weekend recap show produced and directed by the week following this weekend’s event. The first of three airings will be Sunday at 5:00 pm EDT (2:00 pm PDT). The first encore airing follows on Thursday at 9:00 pm EDT (6:00 pm PDT), followed by a second encore airing on Friday at 12:00 am EDT (Thursday, 9:00 pm PDT).


The Trans Am Series dates back to 1966.  Throughout the years, some of the greatest names in motorsports have participated in the Trans Am Series. Backdating the Driver’s Championship to the inaugural season, 30 different drivers took titles, with multiple Championships being won by Pual Gentilozzi, Tommy Kendall, Mark Donohue, Scott Pruett, Wally Dallenback Jr, George Follmer, Peter Gregg, Horst Kwech, Scott Sharp, Bob Tullius and Tony Ave.

The iconic Trans Am Series – America’s Road Racing Series – is operated by the Trans Am Race Company, LLC.  Through a five-year agreement, the Trans Am Race Company manages the marketing rights to the series and is responsible for Trans Am Series public relations and promotions.  SCCA Pro Racing sanctions Trans Am events and provides event operations services to the series.

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*Picture by Chris Clark

This is the second straight weekend the Trans Am Series has been a victim of storms, and this time the qualifying session was the victim of the bad weather. The storm, while it passed quickly, left the track thoroughly drenched and, as a result, unsuitable for qualifying.  The session became an unofficial practice instead, with the results not having any weight on placement for the race.

The grid for tomorrows race at Watkins Glen will be determined by combined practice standings.  That leaves Cameron Lawrence at pole for the TA2 class.   This weekend Lawrence assumed Mike Miller’s place in the #11 Ctek Battery Chargers/Motorstate Chevrolet Camaro under the banner of Miller Racing.  Lawrence and Pete Halsmer, driver of the #12 Ctek Battery Chargers/Motorstate Chevrolet Camaro, will have the first and second starting positions for the TA2 division.

Lawrence, the 19-year-old driver, had not had the opportunity to drive the car before this weekend and was not one to gloat.  When asked if he’d thought about his placement for the start of the upcoming race he was his usual humble self:

“This weekend so far has been getting used to the car, it really hasn’t set in yet.  Pete and I will be one-two, but everyone is close in times. Still, there’s a decent chance for us to finish well.”

Lawrence was also quick to credit the Miller Racing crew:

“It’s definitely good stuff, the crew works so hard on the cars to get them ready and as fast as possible. The crew is a bunch or great smart guys.  They’re on top of everything, they can answer anything and are some of the friendliest guys I’ve ever gotten to work with.  It’s a great group.”

Kurt Roerhig will round out the top three for the TA2 divison in his Roerhig Enders Suspension Chevrolet Camaro.

In the TA class Jorge Diaz, Jr. will start in front in his #8 Diaz Racing Jaguar XKR, courtesy of a strong showing in the first practice on Friday.  Diaz was enthusiastic about the race and the track:

“Watkins Glen is a very difficult track to learn, so on testing we had to do a lot of adjustments, we changed the transmission twice, we adjust the gearings, and everything here is so much different from on paper.  It was a lot of fun getting to know the track. Tomorrow is going to be a very close race, all the times are close.  We’re going to have a lot of fun.  It’s a fun track anyways, but when you ad the number of cars we have on the grid, it’s going to be outstanding.”

Following Diaz will be Simon Gregg and Amy Ruman.  The duo have been two of the most competitive and consistent drivers throughout the season.  Gregg, in his #59 Gregg Motorsports Corvette, is currently the series points leader.  Ruman is also coming off a win last weekend at New Jersey Motorsports Park, and is third in points standing.

The Trans Am race will kick off Sunday at 1:00 p.m. EST, for updates on the race follow @gotransam on twitter, check in at, and keep up on Facebook at will provide coverage of the event through vignettes throughout the duration of the race and MAVTV will air the half-hour Trans Am Series weekend recap shows produced and directed by the week following each Trans Am event. The first of three airings will be Sundays at 5:00 pm EDT (2:00 pm PDT). The first encore airing follows on Thursdays at 9:00 pm EDT (6:00 pm PDT), followed by a second encore airing on Fridays at 12:00 am EDT (Thursday, 9:00 pm PDT).

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