The team consists of Jorge Diaz Sr, Millo Martinez, Carlos Martinez, Oscar Martinez, Diego Martinez, Edgardo Baerga, Edwin Resto, Marcos Santana and Ebed Carasquillo

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Jorge Diaz Sr is my father and the team owner. Thanks to his dedication we find ourselves competing against the worlds best. I find myself behind the wheel of a race car thanks to his teachings and guidance.
Millo Martinez is the head mechanic and crew chief. His mission, which he accepted 10 years ago, has always been to keep the car in optimum conditions. He has always been able to come up with ideas and setups which do just that.
Carlos Martinez is a brother of Millo and has a doctorate in problem resolutions. His perfection is unsurpassed and one of his many talents include the patient which allows him to achieve unparalled precision at the right moment. 
Oscar Martinez is a son of Millo who would hold a few records in speed and agility. He can bend, stretch and reach his way through any part of the car and climb or crawl through any side or place and fix anything fast.
Edwin Resto works mostly on brakes, suspension and on the engine. He is one of the fastest guys in the team. Perfect when time is crucial and excellently organized in any situations. His strong point is in team progress.
Ebed Carasquillo joins most of our work as our public relations representative, aquiring media, photos and works hard with the race car.
Marcos Santana is our comunications expert, part of our times personel and excelent aid for our team on our races in the continental US.
Edgardo Baerga is the man of time. He works mostly on preparations, data acquisition and charts.

Diego Martinez one of the younger sons of Millo Martinez passed away due to cancer. Diego will always be in our thoughts and we will always race in his memory. Diego worked mostly on electronics and was a perfect friend. He will truly be missed and will always be accounted for as a team member.

The key to this team is the dedication, teamwork, and communication we are accustomed to. Everyone reports to Millo, he knows were everyone is, what they are doing, and what has to be done. Although I wrote a little bit about the team I think that most importantly they all work like a team should.span>

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